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One of the many advantages of mobile broadband service is that it allows us to reclaim time we would otherwise spend simply sitting on a bus or train, waiting in a doctor's office, or anywhere we are simply waiting for something to happen. With a fast 4G wireless connection, we can easily access dozens of word games to help us make more of the time we would otherwise lose.

The written word is obviously a huge part of our daily life. Think of every time we read a road sign, a memo at work, or an e-mail from a friend. How strange it is that various arrangements of twenty-six letters can produce so many emotions in us! Words clearly stimulate our brains, and for this reason word games are popular all over the world. They seem to tickle us differently than action games, or board games, and maybe this is why they are seen as an intellectual pursuit. However, there is no reason you can't learn something new and have fun doing it!

In certain word games, the goal is to think of as many words as possible that can be made from a certain combination of letters. For example, if you are given six letters let's say H, G, O, E, F, and L, you could make GOLF, HOLE, OF, LEG, and so on. Usually in these kinds of games the more letters you use in making each word, the more points you get. Similar games involve placing these letters on a board to build off other people's words or to meet certain requirements of the game.

Many people prefer crosswords, which have to do somewhat with wordplay and trivia as well as simply forming words out of letters. Crosswords have a long history, and are still published today in many daily newspapers. They range from friendly, simple ones you can download every day using a mobile broadband service, to the grandaddy of them all, the daily New York Times crossword, whose clues run the gamut from ancient history to present-day science to Broadway and back again, with little mercy for the uninitiated.

What's especially fun about mobile games is that the person sitting next to you on that busy train might be playing one of those games, and you might be able to play it against him or her! Many gaming applications available today use wireless networks to connect various people's individual games together, which is often much more entertaining than playing a predictable (if challenging) computer opponent. The great thing about mobile word games is that they can help expand your vocabulary and keep your mind sharp, as well as entertain you. While it may not be recommendable to use a big new word \at a business presentation that same day, playing a word game can have educational benefits down the road that certainly make it a great way to pass your morning commute.
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Become A Wireless Internet Wordsmith!

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This article was published on 2011/02/22