Broke Up With Boyfriend, Relieve My Feelings By Playing WoW

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It's sunny day full of romantic in the air. It was supposed to have been a celebration of romance and love. But I can't believe his chosen to end up our relationship on this specific morning. Today,on such a romantic Valentine's day,I broke up with my boyfriend,I have no choice but to relieve my feelings by playing WoW.


Standing in Orgrimmar,I saw couples of players walking together with sweet heart on over their head,shouting and dancing together and laughing. Unfortunately, I was the only one who stand alone and being ignored. He and I used to be World of Warcraft enthusiasts.I used to be a lvl 60 female Warlock and he was a Lvl 82 male Warrior.We took fancy on each other in game,so we used to play together and soon become good friends.In the past,he always gave me helping hand anytime I need to level up or making gold wow. On the last Valentine's day, he tried hard farming wow gold himself for the purpose of sending me epic flying mount as a Valentine gift. I was so excited and deeply felt in love with him from then on. Soon we became harmonious couples being admired by lots of in-game players.


In the morning ,I got an email from him saying that he was sorry and he knows this came out of left field but he didnt mean to hurt me.He said that something was missing from our relationship and insist to break up with me. I was devastated,we never quarreled,never fought, had trips planned and everything.I didnt hear from him after his email. Neither to say to meet him in the game.I'm so depressed and don't know what to do.

However,I found it a good way relieve my feelings by crying in game, yelling like" What is a boyfriend ? I broke up with my boyfriend. Who else want to play wow with me on Valentine's day..... ". My yelling aroused lots of gamer's attention and to came here and comforted me with warm hugs,invited for joining a group and someone even online and gave some as a Valentine gift. I suddenly find out that there are so many warmed hearted players around me and made me happy enjoy playing.Anyway,it's a good way to relieve my feelings playing wow, without him I still have wow, don't you think so?

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Broke Up With Boyfriend, Relieve My Feelings By Playing WoW

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This article was published on 2012/05/12