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Everyday people walk into their local convenience store and walk out with scratchers. They fumble over their keys and start to have that hope of winning huge money, and when their excitement settles a bit they lose big, and they throw away their ticket in disgust. Have you ever seen that? Better yet, have you ever been the one that has thrown your ticket away in disgust? I know I have, but then things changed when I adopted a strategy of winning that you can use today to get the odds pushed squarely in your favor. Winning the lottery becomes a thing of ease when you consider a few options, specifically in regards to playing the game not just scratching.

First and foremost, let's consider the games that you find often. If you see bingo, crosswords, Sudoku, or anything that requires you an element of "game" play then go with those options. The reason why you will want to choose these is because the companies that make the games have to put in an element of chance that favors the player instead of the house. Don't go out to purchase any just yet, just because you're favored doesn't mean you will win. It takes a little bit more effort than selecting the right game.

The second thing you need to be aware of is that you are to blame for your loss when you play the game. If you make the wrong move, you lose. Most tickets are made for you to win, but select the wrong box and you're out. So in order to make sure that you win, you will have to make a map of all the choices that are available to you. This will require you to play a game multiple times, and lose. I know, this sounds terrible, but give it time, and you'll see why this works.

After some time, you will have a full map of every outcome of your game. When you have established all the outcomes (there's a finite number, don't worry) you can then purchase a ticket, take it home and compare it to the map you have. Then move forward with selecting the right areas, and like magic, you are into the money. Repeat this as often as you wish, winning multiple times and you can make serious money annually.

One last thing to remember, this trick is a matter of study, trial, and error. There is no 100% guarantee that you will win each time, however, the strategy works over time. It's sure better than blind luck, that's for sure.

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Scratch Off Strategy - Win The Lottery

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Scratch Off Strategy - Win The Lottery

This article was published on 2012/11/02