The Impact of Addicting Games

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Computer games are games played on a personal computer, play station and the like. Computer games are there to promote entertainment. They are created in order to provide people some options to entertain themselves. Those games that have stunts and actions are given a warning sign that it is strictly prohibited. However, there are children that imitate those stunts in real life, and that is the negative impact of such computer games. Indeed, the most negative impact to these is the addiction of people in these games. Somehow, this issue is ignored by many, but this negative impact of addicting games needs a close attention.

Addiction is a problem, no matter what reason it is, whether from drugs or drink or in terms of games, it is still a big problem. When we talk about addicting games, the people who are playing with this spent a lot of their time in front of the computer. Those people are playing the whole day that even their other activities in daily lives are forgotten. Because of these addicting games, people miss their responsibilities like going school, doing homework, study, and even their social lives. They are not minding about their real life when they started playing their favorite game. All of these things are the negative impacts of computer games related to addiction.

The MMORPGs or (massively multiplayer online role playing games), multiplayer games, online gaming, gaming communities/clubs, all of these are addicting games. WarCraft and Runescape have lots of players all over the world, and the addict players spend more than ten hours in playing these games, and they have only less time for their other activities.

The games that having a millions of players gets a higher budget marketing effort, and with the help of the addicted gamers, there are lots of time and money wasted on games every year. In addition, there are also free games available for children meaning you don’t have to pay for this. For this reason, it seems like the addicted gamers will still increased in the next generation.

Come and think about it; who will be blame for this? Is it the addicted gamers, the game developers or the addicting game itself? All of them should be blame; however the addicted gamers are more to blame because they are the ones who empty their pockets and wasting their precious time with this unimportant thing. In order to get rid of this huge problem, they should have a self control and will only play games for entertainment purposes only. They should not let this addicting games control themselves, it should start between them. Instead of wasting their time to these addicting games, they should make plans to enjoy themselves and they should know how to put a limit. The one who is addicted already should fix and restraints their self from this thing and should get involve in real life activities in order to keep their mind off of the games.

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The Impact of Addicting Games

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The Impact of Addicting Games

This article was published on 2011/01/28