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Toys vs. Video GamesMost kids nowadays are so attached to the modern electronic game gears. And sometimes they even don’t hear you calling them, because their minds are pre-occupied with all those video games. Some parents find their children addicted to video games, and this can be alarming to most parents who are aware of the negative impacts that these video games can give to their child.  

There are kids who would love playing video games rather than spending and having bonding time with their family. While toys will provide a lot of benefits that can promote the mental, physical and emotional skills of your child while enjoying.Here are some comparison between toys and video games:

Video games are addictive and kids can easily get hooked to the latest games in the net, these have a lot of negative effects on a child. Your child will never learn how to write or read and make arts and crafts on video games. Traditional toys will help your child with mind enriching activities.

Video games also get in the way of healthy interaction, since your child is too busy playing games they do not have time to communicate and interact with different people. Interaction is very important in a child’s social and language development.  While playing with traditional toys will teach them how to be a leader and work as a team.

Most video games are violent and are centered on combative themes which are not good for a child. Those combative games inculcate violence in your child’s mind.  Studies shows that a child who are more exposed to play video games are more aggressive than a child who plays building blocks and shape sorters.

A video games can never provide a physical dexterity. Playing actual sports will provide your child with the real physical exercise that a body needs to make a child grow healthier and stronger. Playing a sport in video games will never provide those exercises that a growing child needs.

Video games cannot give your child a real sense of accomplishment that toys can give. A real achievement has a real output that they can be proud of. Not like the kind of achievement that they get after conquering a different stage in the game.

Not all video games are bad; there are also some educational video games that can help your child’s development. Just choose the right video games and combine it with great learning toys.


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What’s Best for Your Child

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This article was published on 2013/10/09